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4 Popular E-Cigarette Customizations

Vaping can be much more complicated than it first appears. While plenty of users are satisfied with a stock e cigarette that they got off of the shelf, there are even more who want to customize their vaping tool. Some of the customizations are purely aesthetic, while others can have a significant impact on the vaping experience by adjusting mechanical traits. Regardless of the details, they all serve as an expression of both individual taste and dedication to the world of vaping, so there are plenty of people who love to spend time tweaking their e cigerettes until they are absolutely perfect.

1. Adjusted Atomizers

Customizing the atomizer can significantly change how the c cigarette performs. People often add additional coils to their system to add extra heat, which can lead to a larger cloud. Since the extra coils will draw more power, many people change the battery at the same time. Using the wrong battery can lead to overheating, so this modification is fairly complicated. Even so, most individuals can get it right and improve their vaping experience if they can follow instructions and know to ask for help from the community when they need it.

2. New Flavors

The other way to make a serious change to the vaping experience is designing a custom flavor of e-juice. Most of the people who mix their own purchase both the base and a set of flavorings to use as a staring point. Making the liquid is as easy as mixing the flavorings with the base. Some people follow recipes that their peers have posted on the Internet, but many more choose to experiment with various flavor blends until they get something that they like. That can take a lot of trial and error, since even a small change to the concentration of one flavoring can change the entire profile of the mix, but few things are as rewarding as finally getting it exactly right.

3. Aesthetic Changes

The average e cigarette is a fairly utilitarian device, but it’s possible to turn them into things of beauty. Many people adjust them with wraps or skins, which simply go around the outside of the device to change how they look. There are a huge number of wraps out there, so most people have an easy time finding something that they like. Some of them are even made from silicone and provide extra protection to the case in addition to adjusting its appearance. Most of these systems come on and off easily, so one person can own several and switch them whenever they feel like it.

Other people get a little more ambitious and use hydrodipping, a technique that applies decals. Others use colored attachments to change the color of the text on the screen. The sky is the limit with this kind of modification, so there are plenty of people who have turned into artists within the vaping community.

4. Comfortable Shapes

There are times when the simplest modifications are also the most useful. Some people find that their e cigarette is a little too small to be comfortable when they hold on to it, or that they would prefer it if the grip was a different shape. Adjusting the shape is very easy, although it isn’t always compatible with wraps or other aesthetic modifications. Most usres simply add a layer of material around the gripping area until it is the right size and shape. That material does need to be durable, since it can undergo a surprising amount of physical stress over the course of a day, but there are plenty of different options out there.