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4 Surprising Benefits of Vaping

It is a well-known fact that it is hard to quit smoking cigarettes, arguably more so than using a lot of harder drugs out there. While remedies such as nicotine products and prescriptions such as bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix) have been successful, another option to assist in quitting smoking that has become quite prevalent within even the past 5 years is vaping. This consists of inhaling the vapour by liquid nicotine by using an electronic cigarette. In doing so, the user is not inhaling the harmful chemicals and contaminants that compose a normal cigarette. Below are benefits of vaping and reasons why it has become so tremendously popular.

1. Healthier

It is no secret that smoking has killed millions (maybe even billions) of people all around the world by causing cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Cigarettes are composed of over 4500 different chemicals and have 70 different carcinogens in them, responsible for causing cancer by altering cells in the human body.

Making the switch to vaping will definitely affect your health for the better. Largely composed of nicotine and flavouring, liquids used in vaping are much safer and there is no evidence that they cause the serious health-related issues that smoking does. While no evidence does not mean vaping is 100 percent healthy, any chances that it does do harm to the human body are relatively small and would not be serious enough to be life-threatening.

2. Safe

Smoking kills approximately 7 million people worldwide and it is considered an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). While this fact is staggering, it does not even take into account the amount of people who die during incidents regarding smoking. These include fires where cigarettes have lead to fires or explosions as the result of smoking near gases or accelerants. In some countries around the world, up to 10 percent of total fires are the result of careless smoking.

When it comes to safety, vaping has proven to be a much safer alternative. Instead of fire and combustion that a cigarette need to stay lighted, e-cigarettes used for vaping use a battery that converts the vaping liquid into a mist or vapour. No combustion is involved in the process at all and most e-cigarettes include an automatic shut-off that deactivates the unit after so many minutes. Therefore, if you forget to turn it off or fall asleep, it will turn off and will not have the opportunity to start a fire.

3. Safer for others

Almost 1 million people worldwide have died from second-hand smoke and many more have lost their lives to accidents related to smoking. This is crushing as these people have taken steps to avoid health issues and subsequent death by not smoking and have end up losing their lives anyway.

Vaping does involve vapour or mist emanating from a person after it is exhaled. However it is a sweet, more pleasant smell and does not consist of the chemicals and carcinogens that have proven fatal for so many people. Therefore, people who have come into contact with it is not at risk of cancer as the result of second-hand smoke.

4. Not addictive

Smoking is an unbelievably difficult habit to quit, believed to be even harder than most hard drugs. Even with the use of nicotine patches and prescription drugs, smokers still struggle to kick the habit for good.

Research is still being done on how addictive vaping is. However, a large majority of people who do it state that it is not nearly as addictive as cigarettes and they have been able to cease using for long stretches at a time. Vaping has also allowed people who vape to wean themselves off cigarettes and opt for a healthier alternative that they can stop using at any time. Additionally, many users have been able to even reduce their use of vaping after a while.