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5 Reasons to Choose Vaping Over Smoking

If you have found smoking to be hazardous to your health and social life, you will discover that vaping is a good alternative. When you vape, you only emit a vapour from an electronic device. Whilst this device often replicates the look of a traditional cigarette, that is where the resemblance ends. The following list shows why vaping is better than smoking.

1. Vaping Does Not Produce Ash

Because an e-cigarette is an electronic device, it only emits a vapour and does not produce the ash that results from smoking a cigarette. In fact, an e-cig comes equipped with a battery that only needs recharging. Because you do not ignite the e-cig, no butts form when you drag on the device. In turn, vaping offers a cleaner way to smoke. Vapour is the only byproduct when you vape.

2. Vaping Is Far Less Expensive

Every time you light up a traditional tobacco cigarette, you lose money. The same is not true for e-cig products. You will want to give up smoking purely because you will save so much money by vaping. In fact, by switching to vaping, you can save hundreds of dollars per year, in part because you only buy one e-cig at a time versus buying several traditional cigarettes. You can use the extra money for a holiday trip or even to save for your kids’ college fund.

3. Vaping Is More Socially Acceptable

You probably are used to those side-long glances of disapproval – glances that speak volumes about your smoking habit. You do not have to worry about this type of response when you are vaping. Because the vapour disappears readily, you do not have to worry about disrupting an activity with your hacking or coughing or deal with people giving you dirty looks. You also do not have to be subjected to people waving away your smoke, as the vapour disappears before this can happen.

4. Vaping Permits You to Sample Different Flavours

When you enjoy vaping, you can test out various e-liquids in different flavours. Not only can you enjoy fruity flavours such as cherry, but you can also savour more exotic blends of flavourings. People who like vaping enjoy flavours such as apple, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in addition to various kinds of tobacco flavourings.

5. Vaping Contains Fewer Hazardous Chemicals

When you smoke traditional cigarettes, you expose yourself to hundreds of toxins – toxins that can lead to cancer, heart disease, and other serious conditions. The only chemical of note that vapers inhale is nicotine. However, you can wean yourself off this chemical, as e-liquids feature various levels of nicotine, and some of the products do not contain any nicotine.