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5 Must Know Vaping Tips For Beginners and New Users

When you make an initial switch to the vaping world, it is normal to get a slight daunt as a new vaping user. There is a learning curve, like all things, to a hobby. In this case, never let it sway you away from enjoying the fruits of vaping. With the right knowledge and tips, you can develop proper habits to enjoy your new vaping hobby to it’s full potential. Below are some of the best beginner e cigarette and vaping tips to help get you started.


 1. Check For Cracks or Warps

While most of the retailers warn you about this fact ahead of time, you may have come across those who are not honest. It is also known that vape tanks are not created equally, or with equal strength. This means that certain e-juices cannot be used on your particular tank or vaping devices. This means that many plastic containers can warp or crack if certain e-juices are injected into them. Cinnamon and menthols e-juice flavors are known to commit this notorious crime.


2. Learn Proper Juice Maintenance

E-juices are not just about purchasing them from the stores for vaping. Like the other atomizers, mods, and vaping tanks, you require this for your e-juice as well. For one, you also need to shake your e-juice well before you use it. This ensures that the nicotine, as well as the VG/PG mixture, is distributed evenly. This is the best way to get a quality vaping experience. Ensure that the e-juices are stored away from direct sunlight. The quality of nicotine is destroyed with the sunshine. Your e-juice flavors will deteriorate when you leave the bottles open. Keep them closed.


3. Learn How To Care For Your Battery

When it comes to vaping, the most important piece of the puzzle is the battery.it does not also matter even if you are using the vape pen. Batteries come with the cooler code that shows you its lifespan. When the battery dies or starts to die, ensure you don’t let it reach the endpoint. Connect it with a source of power or the charger. If you don’t observe this, you will damage the battery. If someone helped you build your coils, ensure you don’t let the batter over strain to produce power. This also results in damage to the battery.


4. Start With A Beginner Vape Tank

You may be confused by this header. However, it refers to anything in the vaping world including the RBA, RDA, atomizer, and the vaping tank that holds the e-juice. For all new vapers, it is recommended to start with a vape tank that fills from bottom to full. This is because it is easier to use. You fill it and vape it to the end. While you coils tend to die faster, you can purchase them at almost every retailer. Beware that cotton coils don’t work well with starters’ vape pens. Consult with a vape retailer to tell you how to build a coil.


5. Learn How To Disassemble Your Vape Device For Storage

This can seem a completely pointless and tedious task at first glance. However, you will understand its use as time goes by. It is a good thing to know how to remove the vape tank, the atomizer, or any other part of the vaping device especially if it was filled with an e-juice in the recent past. This is an action that helps prevent any spills or leakages that may occur at any time. If you get the juice spilled over your button, or in the battery, the device can die. It would be a shame to see this happen within few weeks after purchasing your vaping device with the money you spent on the e cigarette. Do this small task to avoid the error.