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7 Reasons to Choose Vaping Over Smoking

If you like to vape, you probably have found that this form of “smoking” works out better for you socially and privately. After you have been vaping a while, you will find that you have plenty of good reasons to choose this activity over tobacco smoking. Below are the major reasons that people give for quitting smoking and choosing vaping instead.

1. Vaping Is More Socially Acceptable

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By choosing vaping over smoking, you suddenly make more friends. People who smoke tobacco cigarettes often have to smoke away from non-smoking workers or feel alienated in social and work settings. When you take up vaping, your life changes as people are more accepting of the vapour of an e-cig than tobacco smoke. The information at DashVapes is useful and can provide you with additional insights.

2. Vaping Helps You Save Money

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When you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you can spend thousands of dollars per year on your habit. You don’t have to worry about this financial dilemma when you start to vape. When you choose vaping over smoking, you only spend money on the e-cig and the charger. That e-cig lasts quite a long while and can save you as much as $500 annually over the cost of smoking. Not only will people like you better but you will also have more money that you can put in your savings account.

3. Vaping Does Not Produce Ashes

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If you take up vaping, you do not have to worry about spilling ashes over carpeted floors or trying to find an ashtray to dispose of the residue. That kind of messy stuff can end up in the water line and make people sick. Therefore, vaping causes you to be more responsible environmentally and publicly.

4. The E-Juice Used in E-cigs Contains Fewer Carcinogens

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When you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you greatly increase your risk of getting lung or throat cancer. That is because the tobacco for cigarettes is treated and contains a larger number of carcinogenic substances. Plus, the tar from tobacco smoke rests on a person’s lungs, which can lead to the development of cancer or a similar respiratory condition. The e-juice use for e-cigs contains glycol, nicotine, and flavouring. Therefore, it is far less carcinogenic.

5. Vapers Do Not Have to Worry about Smelling of Cigarettes

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When you smoke a cigarette, you will also smell of cigarette smoke. The smoke from a tobacco cigarette not only lingers in a room but it also settles in clothing or fabrics. If you smoke in your house, guests will notice a smoky smell that does not easily abate from clothing, upholstery, and draperies.

6. Vaping Does Not Produce Passive Smoke

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Not only can a smoker get sick from tobacco smoke but so can the people around him or her. Passive smoke can cause non-smokers to contract serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Therefore, you not only affect your own health but you affect the well-being of your children, spouse, or pets.

7. Vaping Allows You to Wean Yourself Off of Nicotine

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Tobacco cigarettes are manufactured with nicotine. Nicotine is what causes people to become addicted to smoking. The e-juice used in e-cigs also contains nicotine. However, you can gradually wean yourself off of the harmful substance if you take up vaping. You can buy e-liquids in various concentrations of nicotine, including e-juices with no nicotine. Therefore, you can eventually get rid of the nicotine habit permanently.