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8 Facts About Vapes

Vaporizers are extremely popular, with portable, tabletop, and handheld vapes available on the market. But many people don’t know a lot about vapes. Keep reading to learn 10 interesting facts about vapes.

1. Vapes can be used for nicotine or marijuana

Some people don’t know that there are two kinds of vapes. Some are used to vaporize nicotine. These are known as e-cigarettes. Another type is used to vaporize marijuana, these are usually known as vapes.

2. E-liquid for vaporizers is available in a number of different flavours

Vape e-liquid is made of vegetable glycerin of propylene glycol, and it usually contains nicotine and flavourings. Everything is available, from coffee-flavoured e-liquid to classic fruity peach, to cool mint. You can also mix your own by adding one flavour to another. E-liquid is available both with and without nicotine, and you can also buy it unflavoured and add flavouring.

3. There are both tabletop and portable models available

Vaporizers used for marijuana come in two different sizes. Tabletop models are sturdy and have a high capacity. These typically plug directly into the wall, and fill a bag with vapour. Some models have a mouthpiece and tube available for use.

Portable models are used for on-the-go vaping. While they are a little less powerful, they are a lot more convenient. These models can either vape liquid or dried herb.

4. There are vape cloud competitions

People actually have competitions where they stand back to back and try to compare the size of their vape clouds. People do everything from getting the most powerful vape to using strong e-liquid to increase the size of their clouds.

5. You can do tricks with vapour

Some people can blow rings with smoke, but you can do a lot more with vapour because it sticks around longer. People have been known to create shapes with their vape clouds and upload the photos to instagram.

6. Vape liquid contains two major ingredients

Vape e-liquid is usually made of two different ingredients: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Vegetable glycerin is a more natural ingredient, but it produces weaker clouds and less of a throat hit. Propylene glycol is usually used as a food additive. It produces intense clouds and a strong throat hit, but there are concerns that it may not be completely safe for use in vaporizers.

7. Vapes have a wide price range

You can buy cheap, made in China vaporizers for under $30, but they may not last long. On the other hand, vapes can easily cross into the hundreds of dollars, especially for tabletop models. Vapes are extremely customizable, and there are a lot of mods available on the market. Whatever your price range is, you’re likely to find a vape that works for you.

8. You can’t advertise vapes in some places

In some jurisdictions, it’s illegal to advertise vapes because it’s thought to encourage nicotine or illicit drug use. This has made advertising difficult for vape companies and many have had to use uncommon marketing tactics to try and get their products known.