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8 Ways to Boost Vape Production from Your E-Cigarette

When you first start to vape, you’ll likely opt for a simple starter e-cigarette to use; however, as time goes on and you have been vaping for a while, you may want to learn how to produce a much bigger vape cloud. If so, look at the tips below.

1. Use a Higher-Powered Devices

It sounds simple, but changing your device is the first step you’ll need to take if you want to boost vape production from your e-cigarette. The lower-level and smaller devices are limited concerning their settings, and without investing in a higher-powered e-cig, you won’t be able to make use of the rest of the tips in this blog.

2. Increase the Wattage

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The more electricity flowing through your coil, the more juice will be vaporized. This will produce much bigger clouds. Turn up the power setting to try this out; however, be careful as using your e-cig like this permanently can ruin the coils.

3. Get a Better Atomizer

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A better atomizer or rebuildable atomizers use low resistance coils and can tolerate much more electricity moving through the device. Rebuildable atomizers allow you to make your own coils and so you are in control of your own clouds.

4. Open the Airflow

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When you are vaping at higher wattages, it is essential to open the airflow to keep the internal mechanisms of the device cool. More airflow through your coil essentially creates more vapour and therefore larger clouds.

It’s hard to find a balance when deciding on airflow as you want the vape slightly warm, but not so warm that it is uncomfortable and damaging. Spend some time finding what works best for you. Make sure your atomizer has adjustable airflow first.

5. Use Higher VG E-Juice

VG is better for producing thick clouds of vape compared to its alternative, PG. VG is smoother to vape and can be tolerated well at even higher wattages. Again, make sure you have a quality device because basic devices don’t tolerate VG liquids very well due to their thicker consistency.

6. Alter Your Inhalation Technique

With higher-powered devices, to get the best result in terms of the exhaled cloud, it’s best to inhale rapidly, using deep direct lung inhales rather than mouth to lung inhales. If your device is a simple version, then the advice is the opposite—try slow, long inhalation to improve your vape production.

7. Use Chimneys and Drip Tips

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Although your airflow setting is the most crucial when controlling air in your device, it is also worth considering what your chimney is like. The size of the central chimney will directly affect airflow, which then impacts the overall production result. Also, wide bore drip tips will improve vapour production, and while it’s harder and costlier to replace your chimney, the drip tips can be replaced easily and cost-effectively.

8. Use Dual Coils

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Most e-cigs were originally built for single coils; however, now many devices offer the option of having a dual coil. You can also build your own coils with cloud chasing as your priority.